Cristina Renette (MSW), B.A.Psychology, B.S. Health Science M.A.Psychology)

There is freedom in truth and acceptance. Not just any truth. YOUR truth. The same freedom comes from change and experience. YOUR change. YOUR experience.

Sharing your truth piece by piece allows for the emergence of the most resilient you. Sharing your truths and the paths that made you who you are can be ugly, embarrassing, hurtful, foolish, vulnerable, or prideful,… but they are now paths that can be illuminated for someone else walking that way. Someone needs your help, encouragement, and inspiration to keep going. Someone needs your voice. Someone needs your light. Your stories aren’t just for you...

I want to share in MY freedom. MY truth. MY life. MY change. MY experience. I want to share MY voice. I want to share MY light, because my story isn’t just for me.

I want to inspire those who have been on similar paths and light a way for those who need encouragement to keep moving on. I want to share my personal writings, thoughts, stories and experiences to share that although I have been bent… I have never been broken.