conditional love. part two

If I considered, even for a moment, leaving my relationship with God because He didn’t do what I want, or love me the way that I think He should love me, and put conditions on how I love Him in return…

Do I do the same in my personal relationships?


The very thought and realization of that makes me feel some type of way about myself. I would like to think that in all my loving relationships, I love unconditionally and that there is nothing that would make me sever a relationship. 

That just hasn’t been true in some of my previous experiences and relationships. 

I think loving someone “unconditionally” even has conditions. It’s always, “as long as…” or at least some kind of mutual agreement that comes before the “unconditional love” portion of the relationship.

I have loved people in my past… friends, family, and romantic partners… but those same relationships were also either severed or strained because they didn’t do what I wanted them to do…

They didn’t love me how I wanted to be lovedhow I feel I deserved to be loved.

The conditions of my love are measured to one of my favorite scriptures, 1 Corinthians chapter 13, because that’s how I love. 

I want faithfulness. I want patience. I want kindness….I want monogamy. I want to be respected. I want loyalty. I want adoration and affection…etc.

I want these things because I give these things.

Reciprocity is important for me and if it’s not there…

That’s a condition. 

So what is unconditional love for us? Can it truly be attained?

Does that mean staying in a toxic relationship because that’s the right thing to do? Is that always putting others before yourself because that’s what makes other people happy? Does unconditional mean there are no rules, no boundaries, no agreements? Is it just whatever goes? 

What is unconditional love?….

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